Best multi-purpose app on the market!

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Remotely Controlled

Mint Console lets you customize, manage, and configure your app from anywhere at any time intuitively by simply switching stuff on & off!

The Everything App!

Mint turns your Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Imgur, and a couple more into an App in less than 20 minutes!

Our Design is Art

Mint & Mint Console have the most artistic & intuitive interface designs out there, to let your app shine in glory.

Your App's Experience

Mint Console allows you to go all out with your app, you can add features, edit the interface, and apply any changes remotely without updates!

Zero compatibility issues

Mint supports the latest versions of everything! Android, SDK, Gradle, you name it. Mint supports it.


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from you & assist you 24/7

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read Mint's Documentation, or read our technical support articles.

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